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How MFC Changed My Life 

My name is Mohamed, or Moh. I was not always into soccer. I would spend my time playing tennis with my older brother. Until my father, Habib, introduced the game to us by buying FIFA 04 for our PlayStation 2. I kind of like it, but it really was not my thing. Then in November 2009, my cousins, Mohamed and Omar moved in with our family. They liked soccer, but I did not. I wasn’t fond of the sport at all.  

But when you live with them, and that’s all they talk about, you have no choice but to starting liking it. They also had me watching soccer on cable all day long. It was when I joined a Muslim league that I began to like soccer. 

One day I went to Lake Arbor Elementary School and saw kids playing soccer. I played with them and after seeing me play, Coach Skip advised me to go to Buck Lodge MS.  

So I took Coach Skip up on his offer and traveled to the middle school. Upon arrival I saw all types of children of different races, gender and ages. There was this kid Joe, he told me to pass the ball and he never returned the favor.  But I did not complain because I was not that good yet.  

Towards the end of practice they played “Last Goal Wins”. The other team said that they wanted Deondre on their team. I did not know his abilities at the time. As soon as he came on, he dribbled everyone and scored. Now of course, I know who to mark. 

My first club team was Metropolitan Futbol Club (MFC). My coach was Coach Keith of U11 MFC Dragons. Then I moved to Coach Oscar team, MFC Tigers. Then I moved to ASA Real and now I am one of their wingers, and it is nice. 

You do not have to start playing soccer at age four or five. I'm twelve and I started two years ago. I did not make the Maryland ODP team last year, but I did not give up. I made it this year. Hard work and determination will get you places. 

Buck Lodge has provided an environment that has nurtured talent that is now playing in Europe, and played at DC United and Potomac Academy. Coach Eugene's son, Denzel played for the 1992 ODP team for three straight years and had tryouts for Portsmouth FC. His younger son Deondre, who I was talking about earlier, is very promising. He told me he wants to go to Barcelona to tryout; no doubt he will make it. 

MFC has produced some of the best kids I have ever seen, so I guess I can say, soccer has been a great impact on my life. Even socially, I have learned to loosen up around strangers. I hope to go professional, if God's willing. But for now, that is just a dream. I do know, though that dreams become reality - IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT.

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