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How MFC Changed My Life  

Growing up in today’s society is not easy, especially when you have to worry about violence and disease. You can say the same thing for soccer. In today’s soccer world in order for you to play quality soccer you need to be in good financial status. 

Now this doesn’t really help out the inner city and urban kids who do not have the means to pay for soccer. Many people save the money to have their children play for clubs that do not help them at all. It just sends them into our cruel, cruel world. But MFC was not like that. It is a club that doesn’t mind helping you if you were not financially capable of paying. As long as you could pitch in just enough or even less you would be fine. That is how we stumbled upon MFC! 

MFC is a great club period. Whether it came to the passion, the connection or just the talent pool we have, we are just strong. No matter how good or bad we do, we are always a family first type of team. If there were any problems, or any type of issues we could consult with each other and it would be resolved without any problems. The people in MFC were and are literally like family to me. 

My team was filled with a bunch of urban kids who didn’t really have much. Even though they didn’t have much, they played big with their hearts on the field.  Talent and skill is something we all possessed. Talent wise we were very strong, there were not many teams that could beat us, and when I say there weren’t many teams I literally mean, nearly none. If we had the finances like the other teams we could have done big and better things. 

We could have easily received better scholarships and gained some more exposure. But it is okay, because we all pretty much did good and went off to our own universities or junior college. That is not something you can easily say about inner city athletes without much guidance or financial capability. This MFC organization has done a lot for us in general, not just athletically but also morally and spiritually. 

Now that I am off to college and have experienced a full year of the college life, I can honestly say that MFC has positively affected me in many ways. It is hard to explain the ways it has affected me when it comes to people, especially people of color.  It is like a certain type of way of understanding someone else that is also a minority. Metropolitan Futbol Club gave me this gift and I am happily thankful for it. 

Without MFC I honestly would not be where I am today. The little and big things that I learned were things that you couldn’t learn at any other club. There are some things that you only learn on a predominately black or Hispanic team. I would just like to formally thank everyone at Metropolitan Futbol Club for everything that they have done for me and my team mates. We honestly could not have done it without you.

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