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Playing in The Dirt  

It would be almost impossible to say that Soccer and Friends has not impacted my life. Through Soccer and Friends, I have gained life-long relationships with people.  My views on life would have never broadened as wide as they have if it were not for Soccer and Friends. From eating and playing with dirt in Langley Park with Mr. Weekes’ son to having kids from Bermuda living with us for months. The experiences with Soccer and Friends are endless. 

Dating back to the living room with the Coerver tapes, everyday my dad would bring out two soccer balls and put the tape in the VCR player. The video would play, and my brother and I were to do all of the moves that the kids in the video portrayed. I was never really into it. It was always Denzel who did everything. I got bored and I was uninterested. 

There was a park right across the street. We would go there on occasion and play there. Random drills to just kicking the ball around. But it all came back to the living room. Every day, the Coerver tapes, that is what solidified our skills and were the building blocks to our success in soccer. 

I don't remember when we first started going to Langley Park, but I do remember a lot about it. My days at Langley Park consisted of playing in dirt.  There was always the desire for me to go into the Boys and Girls club, mainly because they had video games. The people at Langley Park were much older than me; I must have been around 6 or 7 at this time. I don't quite remember most of the people who were there. 

Being the son of the coach, I had to go to all of the practices. This included Lane Manor. One of the main reasons I vividly remember Lane Manor is for the lake right next to the field. When practice would go on, I would sometimes just go over to the lake and play with some of the animals. 

When I did play soccer, however, I was pretty good. One of the first teams I played for was in Takoma Park. Our team was possibly one of the best in the league for our age group, not to be cocky, and we had Soccer and Friends to thank for that. Our team was basically made up of kids entirely from the Soccer and Friends program.

 Our skills were developed so carefully, that we blew the kids from Takoma Park out of the water. Our skills were extremely well developed, even at such a young age. This was all due to the fact that our team had been brought up on the principles of Soccer and Friends.

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