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According to the NCAA and the Athletics Academic Attitude Enrichment Program ninety-eight out of 100 high school athletes will never play in college. Plus only one out of every 100 high school athletes will receive a scholarship to a Division 1 School. That being said, it is very difficult to obtain a scholarship to attend college. 

What is even worse is being offered a full soccer scholarship to attend college but cannot accept the award because of bad grades, low SAT scores or a combination of both. This is a common occurrence in our community. Low standardized test scores in elementary school follows you to middle school and then onto high school.


The end result is too many of our children will have to forgo university and enter junior college. Not a bad option but your first choice should be to attend university especially if the opportunities present its self. 


During the past eight years, forty-one players, who played for our organization over the last  fifteen years, at various times, have enrolled in college; some on academic scholarships, some on soccer scholarships and some on financial aid.

Each of the players has their own unique story.  However, the one that stands out the most, for me, is the Danny Bonilla story.  What an inspiration. He came to the USA from Columbia, South America, with his family at age nine. He learnt English while attending Adelphi  Elementary Schoool.


Danny played middle school soccer with Joseph Pratt and Eric Medrano at Buck Middle School. Danny excelled in the classroom while attending High Point, where he was awarded a four year engineering scholarship from the Posse Foundation, a national program based in New York, to attend Bucknell University








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